2018 Summer Classes

Registrations Open May 19, 2018

Registrations close One (1) week prior to start of class

Photo Explorations: The Wharf (6/2)
Photography Center Orientation (6/9)
Getting to Know Your DSLR Camera Level 1 (6/12-7/3)
Photo Explorations: Union Square (6/16)
The Art of Storytelling (6/23-6/24)
Developing Your Personal Vision (6/23-7/28)
Natural Lighting Workshop – Golden Hour (6/30)
Photography Center Orientation (6/30)
Pinhole Photography (6/30-7/1)
Color Solarization (7/8)
LGBTQ – Intro to Darkroom (7/9-7/24)
Getting to Know Your DSLR Camera Level 1 (7/11-8/1)
Exploring Composition (7/11-8/15)
Photo Darkroom for High School Students (7/12-8/16)
What Makes A Successful Image? (7/12-7/26)
Digital Transfers (7/14)
Photography Center Orientation (7/14)
Compelling Dynamic Portraits (7/14-7/28)
Cyanotype (7/15-7/22)
Great Creative Portraiture (7/15-7/22)
Small Group Advanced Darkroom (7/15-8/12)
Darkroom Essentials & Processes (7/17-8/14)
Darkroom Essentials & Processes (7/18-8/15)
Photo Explorations: Dog Patch (7/21)
Adobe Lightroom – Introduction (7/21-7/22)
Street Photo Educational Walk (7/23-7/25)
Chinatown & North Beach (7/24-7/24)
Getting to Know Your DSLR Camera Level 1 (7/26-8/16)
Photo Explorations: Yerba Buena (7/28)
Photography Center Orientation (7/28)
Painting With Light (7/28-7/31)
Zine Making (Hand-Made Books) (7/29)
Digital Workflow & Archiving Workshop (7/29-8/5)
Matting, Framing, Presenting Your Photos (8/5)
Learn To Select Your Best Work (8/8-8/9)
Gallery Walk & Cafe Discussion (8/11)
Photo Explorations: Chinatown (8/11)
Sultry Sutro Baths (8/11)
Creative Inquiry (8/11-8/12)
Model Photography on Location (8/11-8/18)
Photography Center Orientation (8/18)

Detailed Class Description

Hidden Chinatown

Hidden Chinatown Description: Discover new hidden gems amongst an iconic destination and historic neighborhood in San Francisco, filled with mystery and intrigue , which has been a deep resource for movies and books for ages. This night workshop steps far beyond the...

Great Creative Portraiture

Great Creative Portraiture Description: This hands-on class explores the art of photographing people with instruction in lighting and camera technique. Learn the creative tools and techniques that can be applied to fine art and client based portraiture, as well as...

Gallery Walk & Cafe Discussion

Gallery Walk & Cafe Discussion Description: Come join this group for a walking tour of many of the photography galleries. Focus will be placed on the many galleries at the 49 Geary Building, Fraenkel, Robert Koch and Scott Nichols, amongst others. Focus will be on...

Digital Workflow & Archiving Workshop

Digital Workflow & Archiving Workshop Description: In this workshop we will use Epson Scanners to learn the process of digitizing analog photography. We will go over step by step procedure of using Epson scanners to create digital files that are the correct file...

Photography Center Orientation

Photography Center Orientation Description: This is a required course for all potential members of the Photography Center. This course will include a talk about the rules and regulations of the Photography Center, a complete tour of the facility including a tour of...

Digital Transfers

Digital Transfers Description: Learn the art and alchemy of image transfers in this one day workshop. Using alcohol or solvents you can transfer digital color or black and white images printed on inkjet transfer Mylar onto paper or alternative surfaces. Bring your...

Digital SLR Camera -Level 2

Digital SLR Camera - Level 2 Description: This class is the extension of "Getting to Know Your Digital SLR- Level 1" and is generally geared towards students with a good understanding of camera controls and basic photographic techniques. It deals with the aesthetic...

Digital Printing Made Easy- Intro Level

Digital Printing Made Easy- Intro Level Description: This course is an Introductory Level workshop, for students who wish to understand the key basics and steps for Digital printing, and breaking down the steps, in an easy- to-follow step by step demonstration and...

Developing Your Personal Vision

Developing Your Personal Vision Description: This hands-on class is designed for the intermediate photographer who wants to take their technical proficiency to the next level exploring concept, subject matter and self-expression. Emphasis is placed on developing a...

Developing Photographic Narratives

Developing Photographic Narratives Description: The goal of these on-location workshops is to help students develop a personal narrative style, by shooting in 3 varied locations: North Beach, Glen Canyon, and Mission District. On the fourth session/workshop, will be a...

Darkroom Essentials & Processes

Darkroom Essentials & Processes Description: A great two part introductory class which covers all of the key basics in Black and White Darkroom printing. Learn all of the essential steps and processes to get you on your way to printing your images! In the second...


Cyanotype Description: In this hands-on course, learn how to make beautiful blue, painterly prints simply and inexpensively -- from digital or film photos. The Cyanotype process has been around since the 1840s, is made using the sun and water, and can be...

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