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2 Day Cyanotype and Salt Printing Workshop

The Cyanotype process will be taught by David Egan October 15th.

The Salt printing process will be taught by Jessie Morris October 22nd.

This 2 part course will cover the Cyanotype and Salt printing processes.  The first week of class time will be spent learning the painterly process of cyanotype. The process has been around since 1840’s, is made using sun and water, and can be printed on almost any surface!  Students will learn how to mix the chemicals, prepare the paper, and make digital negatives.  The class will show you how to use this historical process in very versatile, creative ways to make unique, hand made art.

The 2nd week of the workshop will examine the process of Salt printing.  Students will be exploring Fox Talbots process of photogenic drawings. Using salted paper and a silver nitrate sensitizer, we will be using UV light to contact print images onto paper. Bring files or negatives to scan and we will learn to make digital negatives for contact printing.  Pack a lunch! We will be working most of the day on making prints!

*Prerequisite  Students should have basic to intermediate darkroom and photographic experience. The photo center will supply the chemistry and paper.

*Required: Negatives for scanning or digitized negatives/files to be converted.

2 Week Course

Sunday, Oct 15, 2017 – Oct 22,2017

11:00am – 5:00pm

Fee: $70.00

*Last day to register is one week prior to the start of class.
David Egan

David Egan


Jessie Morris

Jessie Morris


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