Sam Whiting writes about photographers Kevin Sheridan and Tim Baskerville and their photos in “The F-Line Inside-Out” at HMCA. This is some of what Whiting said:


When the F-Market line opened in 1995, Sheridan was 14 and ready to dedicate himself to the historical streetcars that clank and rumble from the Castro to the Ferry Building. Eighteen years later, the line of vintage transit trains from around the world extends to Fisherman’s Wharf, and “The F-Line Inside-Out: Photographic Works Showcasing San Francisco’s Historic Streetcars” extends to the Harvey Milk Photo Center, a free Rec and Park gallery at the top end of Duboce Park.

The title, “The F-Line Inside-Out,” reflects a joint show between Sheridan, who is 31 and lives in Martinez (to be near the Carquinez train bridge), and his onetime photo instructor Tim Baskerville, who is 60 and lives on Mare Island.

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