Web Sep 2016 test4Next Lecture: Thursday, September 8 2016, 6:30–8 p.m.
Photographers: Wesaam Al-Badry, Kristi Lewis, Lenny Pevzner
Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center, Exhibit Room, 50 Scott St (at Duboce), San Francisco (415) 554-9522

Free and open to the public.

Mark your calendars for our photo series showcasing three local photographer’s work in a show and tell format. Each photographer will share their body of work, as well as their approach in creating the work.

* Light fare will be provided, but feel free to bring appetizers, beer or wine to share as this is a community focused event.

Wesaam Al-Badry:
Wesaam Al-Badry was born in Nasiriyah, Iraq, and lived at a refugee camp where he traded some marbles for a camera and has been shooting ever since.  Al-Badry has been a contract photographer for CNN and Al-Jazeera America. His work focuses on The Other, or the notion that an individual or group becomes mentally classified in somebody’s mind as “not one of us.”  He is currently pursuing his BFA in Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. His recent work covers the rise of Islamophobic merchandising in America.

Kristi Lewis:
I didn’t know I was a photographer. I may not be.  But I can’t seem to put the camera down….
In 1992, I would take photos whenever I could.  Of the living room chair, of the massive amount of cats we owned, of my mother and stepfather, of my classmates.  “Kristi, stop wasting film.” I heard it often.
In 2003 I got my hands on a Kodak 2.0 megapixel point and shoot camera and I knew photography was something I needed to pursue.  I signed up for black & white film (and later color film) photography classes  at Skyline College and have never completely left the craft since.  I’m a person who has a hard time finding words, but through the lens I’m able to speak.  I’m able to share my view of the world and of the things I notice.
I still shoot film, I also shoot digital, I host pop up photography shows for Bay Area artists.  Photography feeds my soul.
Lenny Pevzner:
My name is Lenny Pevzner. I am a volunteer at The Harvey Milk Photo Center. Born and educated in the USSR, I’ve been living and working in San Francisco for many years. Now retired, I’ve picked up a point-and-shoot digital camera and started to learn the world anew.