web-lecture-nov-2016-2Next Lecture: Thursday, November 10 2016, 6:30–8 p.m.
Photographers: J. Astra Brinkmann, Ben Iliili, Nishad Joshi
Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center, Exhibit Room, 50 Scott St (at Duboce), San Francisco (415) 554-9522

Free and open to the public.

Mark your calendars for our bi-monthly photo series showcasing three local photographer’s work in a show and tell format. Each photographer will share their body of work, as well as their approach in creating the work.

* Light fare will be provided, but feel free to bring appetizers, beer or wine to share as this is a community focused event.

photo by Astra Brinkmann

photo by Astra Brinkmann

J. Astra Brinkmann

Born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia, J. Astra Brinkmann moved to the Bay Area in 2008 and pursued illustration at the Academy of Art. Only a year later, after an ex casually told her that her photographic work lacked direction, she decided to pursue it in an act of defiance and has never been the same since. Currently residing in the Excelsior of San Francisco, she prefers film to digital, color to black and white, and medium format to 35 mm. Currently, she is working on completing her double-exposure “ghost girl” series, as well as her constant obsessive documentation of her daily life.



photo by Ben Iliili

photo by Ben Iliili



Ben Iliili
I am an editorial and portrait photographer from San Francisco, currently based in the central valley. My passion for photography was instigated by a simple black & white high school elective class in the nineties. I went on to major in photography in college.

To this day, I continue to specialize in high contrast black and white photos. I feel black and white has a raw and timeless feel. It’s so versatile that can have a soft painterly look to a gritty hard unsettling aesthetic.

I’ve been strongly influenced by classic news outlets such as Life Magazine and classic portraiture. Avedon, Moriyama, Cartier-Bresson, McCullin, Smith, Klein, and Leifer are among my favorite photographers who have inspired me to pick up a camera. I am involved with various organizations, but specialize in combat sports and profile editorials. I am a proponent for continuous study and experimentation of photography styles.


photo by Nishad Joshi

photo by Nishad Joshi

Nishad Joshi

Garry Winogrand famously said, “Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed.” To me, this seemingly cavalier statement sums up the nature of photography very well.

A photograph stops motion – which creates visual relationships between moving objects in the frame that don’t otherwise exist. It also prevents us from seeing outside the frame – and devoid of the broader context, what we do see takes on new meaning.

This ability of photography to transform reality is what appeals to me most – suddenly life can be whatever we want it to be – funny, absurd, or simply beautiful!