WEB lecture May 2016
Next Lecture:
 Thursday, May 12 2016, 6:30–8 p.m.
Photographers: Jim WatkinsLorena JimenezStephanie Bouzard
Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center, Exhibit Room, 50 Scott St (at Duboce), San Francisco (415) 554-9522

Free and open to the public.

Mark your calendars for our monthly photo series showcasing three local photographer’s work in a show and tell format. Each photographer will share their body of work, as well as their approach in creating the work.

* Light fare will be provided, but feel free to bring appetizers, beer or wine to share as this is a community focused event.

Jim Watkins
The pure rush experienced documenting that one unique moment that has never happened before and will never happen again drives my passion for the streets. Through my street photography, I seek to capture a candid portrait of daily urban life by employing an unobtrusive, observational style. My goal is to engage the viewer emotionally; be it light-hearted or heavy, I want the story to move the viewer to feel something within that frame. I do so by exploring various themes – for instance the interplay of light and shadow, movement, juxtapositions, moods – as vehicles for tapping into an image’s underlying storytelling potential. Whether I succeed or fail is up to each individual viewer, but I feel the responsibility to try.

Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment” and Robert Frank’s sober portrayal of everyday America had a profound impact on me early on. Later, I came to appreciate the work of the enigmatic Vivian Maier, and admire William Eggleston’s embrace of color in his street photography. Other artistic mediums are also important influences on my photographic style; through film noir I saw the impact of shadows and camera angles in storytelling, while Impressionist paintings revealed how even subtle flecks of light can direct the viewer’s eye. These and other influences helped to shape my perspective towards the ever-fascinating genre of street photography.

Lorena Jimenez
She is a San Francisco based photographer who captures life on the streets. Her photos explore the world around her and its characters. She documents an outlook on life that could be described as unapologetic, genuine, free, fun. Looking for the magical amongst the ordinary.

Stephanie Bouzard
Photography became an extension of my internal self and it’s an unconscious ability that has always lived deep within me. When I was first introduced to a darkroom, where I processed black & white and colored photographs, is when my life forever changed. Growing up and starting my journey in Sacramento, I then decided to head to San Francisco to study commercial photography at the Academy of Art. During my studies, I also had become a second shooter for well-known wedding photographers, a freelance portrait photographer and a retoucher, all while working in the cities most visited photo lab. Although I thought my knowledge and experience would lead me to a successful still life photographer, I learned that was not my destiny. Spending many years in art school and having many failures, I rediscovered my true vision; people and environment. I wanted to capture and share life through my eyes, to tell the stories of others, visually. I like to think that my work is ever evolving, as it should be, change is a constant in our lives. However, I think we can agree, that there is an array of intense color and characterization throughout my work. What excites me the most, is my personal work, because I don’t have an agenda when I am shooting, its spontaneous and genuine. My dreams may have never started out as becoming a photographer, but life had other plans for me and I am happily enjoying the ride. Now let’s shoot and tell your story.