2016 March_photo_lecture_640x480Next Lecture: Wednesday, March 16 2016, 6:30–8 p.m.
Photographers: Anna Landa, Chris Gould, Melissa Lewis
Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center, Exhibit Room, 50 Scott St (at Duboce), San Francisco (415) 554-9522

Free and open to the public.

Mark your calendars for our monthly photo series showcasing three local photographer’s work in a show and tell format. Each photographer will share their body of work, as well as their approach in creating the work.

* Light fare will be provided, but feel free to bring appetizers, beer or wine to share as this is a community focused event.

Anna Landa

My work reflects a fascination with the fickleness of perception, and is an ongoing exploration of the space between conscious reality and the unknown.  While the subject matter and techniques may vary, the images are unified by a mood of wistful melancholy and, broadly, a sense of impermanence, a focus on fragile beauty, and a nostalgic longing for moments that may never have existed.  Many of my photographs are deeply personal glimpses into the perspective of one raised under the influence of Soviet-era nostalgia. My distinct style of anti-climactic portraiture behaves like a still-life: subjects are stale and frozen in time as though relegated to a permanent state of transition. Technically, I have a loose and personal approach. My silver gelatin prints are made by hand in my bathtub, in much the same manner as that in the USSR. There is no elaborate process, and each image results in a different variation.More recently I’ve been drawing inspiration from the field of social neuroscience, integrating empirical research with personal experience and observation to create works concerning the mechanics and reasoning behind conscious (and subconscious) thought.My aim is to use these findings as inspiration for playful and sometimes interactive works, augmenting the base research to add elements of fantasy in the hopes of creating projects both thought provoking and visually intriguing.

Chris S. A. Gould

Chris S. A. Gould is a photographer and instructor at the Harvey Milk Photo Center. In addition to his duties at the Center, he also assists photographers John Chiara and Marco Breuer.
He will be showing a selection of photographs taken in and around Clarksdale, Mississippi and relating details about the area and about first-hand experiences he had with the people who live there.

Melissa Lewis

Melissa Lewis is a dancer, choreographer, and feminist — her photography aims to invest(igate) in the intersections of movement, performance, identities, place, body, power, privilege, personal, political. Her work with multiple exposures inquires about the nuances, natural power, and subtlety of a woman’s form.