Gary Wagner

Seascapes, landscapes, and the world around me is the studio I use for my photographic work. I find freedom and inspiration to create my interpretations of the natural elements and scenic vistas at these locations.

Golden Gate Park is an exciting and challenging environment to work in, for it is constantly changing with the light of the day and the changing seasons. On many occasions I have revisited my favorite locations repeatedly throughout the year and found them to be completely different in their appearance, from the leaves on the trees, the light on the buildings, or mist in the air. This magnificant park and the many faces it reveals, bring me endless excitement, for creating my art.

I work exclusively in black and white. This medium best relates the shapes, lines, and tones of the landscape and more fully captures what I am viewing when I look at a scene. Previously a black and white film photographer I now use the magic of the digital imagery to capture and alter the landscape I see and create with my vision. I find the creation of photographic art today to offer endless possibilities for creativity and the making and sharing of visual art.

As an artist, I have tried not only to pay respect to the natural order and beauty of the earth but also to show my vision of land, sea and light.

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