Course Topics: Salt Printing, Cyanotype & Zines!

Jessie Morris


Jessie is an artist from the southeast. She received her BFA from the University of Tennessee in Photography, Film & Video, after having attended several darkroom workshops there through out high school. She was fortunate to have attended a school with a very open and interdisciplinary curriculum, leading to a never ending expansion of the medium into others for display and conceptual. Alternative processes and any kind of film are used appropriately with intention in her work. Using both BW and color negative and positive film photography, she explores alternative presentations of the the photograph. Loneliness, reality, attachment, self-projection, immediacy, sexuality, cycles, nature, micro/ macro, details, sensory memory and connected stimuli are themes in her work. Presence in absence.



Art of Bookmaking

Art of Bookmaking Description: In this course, you will create a book of your own design. There are infinitely many places for books in the world of the artist, designer or writer. The art of bookmaking can bring so much to your creative process. You will learn...

Cyanotype + Salt Printing

Profile Cyanotype + Salt Printing Description: In this hands-on course, learn how to make beautiful blue, painterly prints simply and inexpensively -- from digital or film photos. The Cyanotype process has been around since the 1840s, is made using the sun and water,...

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