Course Topics: Darkroom Printing, Nude, Portrait

Jason Andrescavage


I am concerned with photography that tells stories, relates experiences, and reveals people as dynamic subjects. Drawing my inspiration from legacy styles and processes, my goal with portraiture is to portray universal struggles with a sense of larger-than-life urgency. In my work I strive to depict my subjects in ways that simultaneously expose more than the everyday facade, yet also allude to further barriers left standing. I am equally concerned with what is being hidden from view as what is being shown. People interact with the world through the measured use of overt mannerisms and hidden thoughts. My aim is to take account of the evidence of this balancing act.

I have been creating photographs for 10 years, concentrating on traditional film and wet darkroom techniques. I am an alumni of the photography program at City College of San Francisco, and in January of 2014 I earned a Masters Degree in Photography from Kingston University, London. My personal practice centers on portraiture and fashion, and when not creating photographs I am a photography and darkroom teacher.



Small Group Advanced Darkroom

Small Group Advanced Darkroom Description: This is a special small group intensive course for students who wish to continue refining their darkroom practice. Students will learn to use the tools needed to put their own creative stamp on their prints as they work on...

Model Photography on Location

Model Photography on Location Description: Students will collaborate with a professional model at an outdoor location. Day 1- we will meet at the location and conduct a photo shoot with the model. During the session, students will learn to communicate with their...

Digital Workflow & Archiving Workshop

Digital Workflow & Archiving Workshop Description: In this workshop we will use Epson Scanners to learn the process of digitizing analog photography. We will go over step by step procedure of using Epson scanners to create digital files that are the correct file color...

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