Georgina Reskala


Holds a BFA in photography and an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco CA. Her work has been shown in Portland, San Francisco, Oakland,Santa Monica, Barcelona, Mexico City. She has taught art classes to young adults. Has curated exhibitions for her students for Incline gallery in San Francisco. Recently was invited to be a judge for a national Art competition for children at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.



Learn To Select Your Best Work

Learn To Select Your Best Work Description: This is the constant comment we hear from nearly every artist and photographer. How do I possibly edit and select my best images? Through examples and looking at others and your own work we will constructively look, share...

LGBTQ – Intro to Darkroom

LGBTQ - Intro to Darkroom Description: This course is open to anyone interested in learning about printing in the darkroom, using Black & White film, with the focus on supporting Queer identities, as well as giving students the platform to pursue their own direction &...

The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling Description: This is a hands-on Photography class that explores the possibilities of visual narrative as a way to find your own voice in relation to the art making process. This course will help you develop creative skills and will enable you...

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