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Andrei Riskin


Andrei Riskin was born in Moscow, Russia. Continuing family tradition in visual arts he graduated with Master’s degree in 1997 and started his career in photography in 2000.

Andrei works in a photographic form that is neither classic wedding portraiture nor photojournalism, but a sophisticated extension of both. The result is a photo essay (or rather a poem) that tells the story of your wedding. Complemented by original audio recording this story is unique, intimate, and beautiful. His approach to wedding photography is to capture things as they happen naturally. That way bride and groom, and everyone else can really enjoy the event. After all it’s not a photo session they gathered for, but a celebration of love!

Andrei also teaches classes that cover a wide range of subjects such as digital photography, lighting techniques, wedding and documentary photography at Harvey Milk Photo Center and Academy of Art University in San Francisco


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