Course Topics: Wet Plate Collodion

Allan Barnes


Allan Barnes grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where he worked as a photojournalist. He was a contributing photographer to the New York Times, Detroit Free Press, Spin, and Metropolis Magazine. He has worked as a photographer for over three decades, occasionally holding jobs with corporate and lifestyle publications. He has also worked as a freelance photojournalist and voice-over artist in Mexico DF, Mexico. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan and a Master of Arts Degree in Photography from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Besides residing in Detroit, he has lived in Los Angeles, CA, Santa Rosa, CA,  Mexico City, Mexico,  Guam (an island colonized by the United States in the Western Pacific Ocean) and Valencia, Spain.

He has exhibited his work nationally, most recently in Pershing Square, a public park and art space in Downtown Los Angeles (October 2013). Prior to that, a solo show of his tintypes was held at the POV Evolving Gallery in Los Angeles (Fall 2011) as well as in a small group show featuring his “Digital Daguerreotypes” at the Lois Lambert Gallery in Santa Monica (Fall 2011). Barnes began working with historical processes in 2006, after his favorite Polaroid Film, Type 55, was destined for extinction. After moving to California late in 2006, he began to do most of his work using antique photo processes. Allan Barnes conducts workshops in 19th Century Wet-Plate photography. He also does commissioned tintype and ambrotype portraits.

Allan Barnes has worked largely as a photography educator since 2004, and teaches photography classes at Petaluma High School (Petaluma, CA)  and the Los Angeles Center of Photography. He has previously taught at Washtenaw Community College, (Ann Arbor, Michigan)  Citrus College, (Glendora, CA) Santa Monica College and Santa Monica High School (Santa Monica, CA).

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