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Dates: April 22, 2017 – May 31, 2017

Venue: McLaren Lodge – 501 Stanyan Street SF


  • Nicola Bosco-Alvarez – Director, Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company  
  • Elena Norberg-Brown – Recreation Supervisor, Cultural Arts Division 
  • Dave Christensen – Director, Harvey Milk Photo Center

Curator’s Statement

When the city’s first skatepark opened in 1980, Hilltop or Sundial Park, was the City’s first public skateboard park, known as “the Dish”. Since that time, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department has worked to embrace the internationally known skate culture of San Francisco. San Francisco is known for being the city where skate history was made. In an effort to preserve its legacy, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department has made a concerted effort to value the sport, art, and lifestyle that makes skateboarding a unique element of the city’s culture.

Skateparks support vibrant, healthy communities, just like many other athletic facilities. The low cost to participation makes it accessible to everyone, and skating in a park is much safer than skating in the streets. Through supporting this sport, our city’s commitment to offering spaces for skaters of all abilities and backgrounds to safely engage in healthy recreation and community building has only grown stronger. In December 2016, Hilltop Park’s skatepark celebrated its $300,000 renovation with a grand reopening. Skaters from all over the world travel to this park providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for all ages.   

Over the past 20 years, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department has grown from providing one to five skateparks, and our unique youth programs:  Shred N Butter, Girls Shred N Butter and Mobile Rec, provide opportunities to learn skate fundamentals, tricks, safety and ramp etiquette. 

 Featured in this expose of photos, are images of San Francisco Recreation and Park’s skate parks. 

  • Hilltop “The Dish” Skatepark: La Salle & Whitney Young Circle, SF, CA 94124 – reopened December 2016 
  • Crocker Amazon Skatepark: 1700 Geneva Ave., SF, CA 94134 – opened July 2001 
  • Potrero Del Sol Skatepark: Potrero & Army St., SF, CA 94110 – opened July 2008 
  • SOMA West Skatepark: 1702 Duboce, San Francisco, CA 94103 – opened December 2011 
  • Balboa Skatepark: Ocean & San Jose, SF, CA 94112 – opened September  2012 

For more information about Mobile Rec, Shred N Butter, or any of our skateparks, please visit 

Special Thanks to Photographers: Quincy Stamper and Max Otake

Max Otake

These photographs were taken to show appreciation for each of the five skateparks in San Francisco. As one of the most sought-after cities for skateboarding, San Francisco prides itself not only in the big hills ​—​ a landmark for street skating around the world ​—​ but the skateparks as well. In the past ten years, the number of skateparks here has increased tremendously, with the local skateboard scene increasing along with it. Growing up skating these parks personally, I knew I was capable of portraying each park in a way that’s meaningful. I wanted to show the character of each park; from the isolated, empty Crocker Amazon Skate Park, to the newly renovated Hilltop park in Hunter’s Point, where the next generation of young skaters are eagerly learning how to skate. Each park has its own story and history. My goal for you as a viewer is to appreciate these parks for the good they have brought to our city, and mostly importantly, to appreciate and give thanks to the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department for making each of these beautiful skateparks happen. 

Max Otake is 17 years old and a student of Quincy Stamper.  He is also a volunteer at the Harvey Milk Photo Center and shoots digital and film photography.

To see more skate boarding photos and art, visit “Shutterspeed” featured at Harvey Milk Photo Center, 50 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 — Opening Reception, April 22nd 5:00pm-8:00pm 



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