Senior Portrait

Harvey Milk Photography Center Gallery Exhibits for November and December 2018 Curated by Art Saves Lives – Thomasina DeMaio and Dave Christensen. The exhibits are all community artists with various media backgrounds and represent a diverse age group and ethnicity. The exhibit will show photography as well as, oil painting, drawing and water color. The exhibit will also include a sneak peek of the upcoming Seniors Project. This project is being managed by Thomas DeMaio. Each Tuesday afternoon at the Eureka Valley Recreation center a group of artists meet up with senior citizens from the area. The seniors pose for the images to be painted and photographed. Approximately 4 models are handled each Tuesday. We have over thirty represented as of 10-17-2018. The modeling sessions will continue into December. In the spring (date to be determined) We will hold and art exhibit and auction of the work. The proceeds will go toward the new lighting system for the Harvey Milk Photography Center gallery.
The Fall Exhibit will open on Nov 7, 2018, from 6-9pm, at Harvey Milk Photo Center, located at 50 Scott Street, San Francisco. And both Eureka Valley Rec-Center, located at 100 Collingwood St, are part of the SF Recreation & Parks Department.
Dave Christensen, Director of Harvey Milk Photo Center
Thomasina DeMaio

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