Photography + Art Exhibit

Harvey Milk Photo Center is proud to collaborate with Art Saves Lives and present a new exhibit featuring local photographers & artists within our community. Harvey Milk Photo Center has been serving the bay area for over 75 years, and is part of SF Rec & Parks Department. Our focus is to celebrate the arts, and bring community together.

Join us and meet the many artists at our opening. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Opening Reception:
6:00pm – 9:00pm, Jan 18th, 2019

Harvey Milk Photo Center, 50 Scott St. San Francisco


Exhibit Dates:
Jan 9th – Feb 7th, 2019

Dave Christensen, Director of Harvey Milk Photo Center
Thomasina DeMaio, Art Saves Lives

Special Sponsor:
Art Saves Lives

Painting Courtesy: Thomasina DeMaio



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Artists Included in Exhibit

Steve Abbott
Allan Barnes
JC Buller
Harvey Castro
Deidre DeFranceaux
Thomasina DeMaio
Billy Douglas
Alex Diefenbach
Walker Dukes
John Farnsworth

Diego Gomez
Chris Gould
Marsha Guggenheim
Bill Haught
Ben Iliili
Jordan Joel
Donald Kinney
Michael Kirschner
Michael Lawrence
Zach Miners

Dwayne Newton
Alexander Nowik
Punky Pebbles
Laurence Peiperl
Liam Peters
Michael Pierce
Joe Ramos
Hunter Ridenour
Marty Rosenfeld
Matt Schaefer

Hank Strobech
Jean Strobech
Keelan Sullivan
Ed Terpening
Pete Thoshinsky
Vince Vinc
Ken Walton
Robert Windle
Aimee Youm

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