2017 LGBTQ Pride Exhibit & Event

Presented by Harvey Milk Photo Center

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Gilbert Baker at Stonewall – 25th Anniversary, NYC, June 1994 – photo by dannynicoletta.com

Opening Reception: June 17, 2017- 5:30pm-8pm- Entertainment to follow upstairs.

Show Dates: June 17, 2018 – July 23, 2017

Venue: Harvey Milk Photo Center.  50 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA 94117


  • Dave Christensen, Director of the Harvey Milk Photo Center

Press Release:
2017 LGBTQ Pride Exhibit & Event

Join us at the Harvey Milk Photography Center for our 2017 Pride weekend celebration show. This year’s exhibit is in collaboration with the wishes of Gilbert Baker, designer of the international symbol to the world of gay pride, the iconic Rainbow flag. In addition to Gilbert’s choices, we have invited artists, writers, and photographers from throughout our community to share their diverse talents for this special show.

I was able to speak at length with Gilbert in New York just a few hours before he passed away. Gilbert and I discussed many topics surrounding this exhibit. He was very excited to be a part of planning it. I am left with his voice replaying in my memory and his infectious exuberant tone, his creative expression, full of irreverence, witty, sometimes wicked, and always with a passion and zest for life. It was a real gift to have this extended telephone conversation with Gilbert on that fateful evening. We shared the gifts we treasured in being part of our community family.

We celebrated his creation of the Rainbow Flag, and many other marvelous contributions and moments from his life. This has become Gilbert’s final wish, to be a part of this exhibit, to celebrate the flag, the beauty and diversity of our community, and looking the fabulous future ahead for all of our lives.

One phrase he used with me stood out as we planned this show:

“Make it vain and glamorous, just like me.”

Come kick off your Pride week with this fabulous exhibit and event!

I hope you feel Gilbert’s heart here as you take part in it.



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Contributing Artists:

  • Rink
  • Saul Bromberger
  • Sandra Hoover
  • Rick Gerharter
  • Paula Lycan
  • Jane Cleland
  • Christopher Cordier
  • Peter Thoshinsky
  • Danny Nicoletta
  • Michael Johnstone
  • Gareth Gooch
  • Mark Rennie
  • Mick Hicks
  • Randy Coleman
  • Francesco Romano
  • Patrick Carney
  • Bill Wilson
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