Digital Transfers


Explore the possibilities of pinhole photography and build your own camera in this two day course. Students will learn a brief history of the Camera Obscura and basic pinhole camera mathematics and principles. The first day we will work on specific pinhole projects and you will build your own camera. The second day we will bring our constructed cameras into the field and photograph then head into the darkroom where they will develop the images. Students will also have the opportunity to create gelatin silver contact prints. Student’s will gain a basic knowledge on the history and basic functions of pinhole photography and leave with their own camera and original prints.

Dates: Sat-Sun, March 17, 2018 – March 18, 2018

Times: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Fee: $75.00

Location: HMPC Photo Exhibit Room and Off-Site

Last day to register is one week prior to the start of class.

Paula Lycan

Paula Lycan



Digital Transfers

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