Natural Lighting Workshop – Golden Hour


The nature of light is ephemeral and constantly changing. In this workshop we will learn how to change with it. This class is geared toward students who have a solid understanding of their digital camera and are ready to dig deeper challenging concepts, exposure, and finding their personal photography style. Understanding advanced concepts of light and exposure, we will examine the qualities of light during the golden hour in the day just before the sun sets, as the sun sets and moves into twilight and dusk, and into night. We will shoot on-location examining the range of aesthetic possibilities when shooting in these varied light conditions. Students will learn tips and tricks to creating compelling photos that illustrate their point of view and find their photography style.

*Prerequisite Requirements: Students need to know how to use DSLRs in manual mode and a firm grasp of concepts of photography. Students need SLRs, cable release, spare batteries, memory cards.

Dates: Sat, April 14, 2018

Times: 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Fee: $50.00

Location: Off-Site

*Last day to register is one week prior to the start of class.

Chrissy Lynn

Chrissy Lynn




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