Harvey Milk Photo Center Fall 2016 Term

Large Format Printing Darkroom – Intermediate Level


This course is for Intermediate to Advanced-level students who are already comfortable with the use of darkroom tools and techniques such as test-stripping, contrast filters, and dodging/burning. The HMPC will provide large format, fiber based paper for the students enrolled in this course. If it’s worth showing, make it BIG! This course is for students who have already become comfortable in a darkroom and are ready to make prints to showcase their work on a larger scale. We will discuss the challenges of large printing and how the characteristics of darkroom prints change as the size increases. Students will learn to determine which negatives are best suited for the new scale, and then work with their strengths to produce beautiful prints that convey an increased sense of importance and urgency. Students must bring an assortment of known-good, ready-to-print negatives, hopefully medium and large formats.

*Photo paper (10 sheets) is INCLUDED in the price of tuition.

Dates: Saturdays, 12/10/2016 – 12/17/2016

Times: 11:00am – 3:00pm

Fee: $175

Location: Harvey Milk Photo Center Photo Darkroom

Course #: 5275

*Last day to register is one week prior to the start of class.

Jason Andrescavage

Jason Andrescavage




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