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For HMPC Classes, a NEW ACCOUNT is required.


Once you set up your NEW ACCOUNT….

If you have an active Scholarship that needs to be attached to your new account, please let us know when you set up your new account so we can apply your scholarship to your new account.

If you have a current Harvey Milk Photo Center Membership, please let us know when you set up your new account so we can apply your membership to your new account.

You can do this by emailing us at or by calling 415.831.6800 to speak with a member of our staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my Customer Account on your new registration site?

Before registering for any activities on our website, you must establish a Customer Account. Your email address will be your login and you will be prompted to create a password.

This is how you create an online registration account:

  1. Click on Create an Account.
  2. Fill in the required fields.

What number do I call if I need help?

Call our Registration Desk at 415-831-6800. Staff there can help you with any questions or problems you might have.

When can I register for programs?

Registration is offered on a quarterly basis, usually in August for fall programs, December for winter programs, March for spring & day camp programs, and May for summer programs.

You can register online by clicking HERE*. You can also participate in walk-in registration at one of our walk-in sites during the registration period.

*Registration closes one week prior to class start date.

Do you offer scholarships to cover the cost of registrations?

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department offers financial assistance to eligible San Francisco residents through our Recreation Scholarship Fund. Please go to the Scholarship Page for more information.

How do I get more information about program registration?

Contact our registration desk at 415.554.9522 and a member of staff will be happy to assist.


The Harvey Milk Photo Center refund pol­icy for all classes are stan­dard to the refund pol­icy estab­lished by the San Fran­cisco Recre­ation and Parks Department.


For every with­drawal or trans­fer from a paid activ­ity, you will be charged either the course withdrawal fee of $12 or 20% of the cost of the course, whichever is greater. The remain­ing bal­ance will be cred­ited to your fam­ily account. The client must withdraw/transfer from the course at least one week prior to the course start date in order to receive credit, minus the withdrawal fee. No credits will be issued if the client withdraws after the deadline.

NOTE: There are no excep­tions to the refund pol­icy. How­ever remain­ing funds will be placed in your account, and can be used for a future class or work­shop of your choice. Call 415–831-6800 to with­draw from a course.

In the event of a course can­cel­la­tion, the Recre­ation and Parks Depart­ment will issue a full credit to the client’s account, to be used for future reg­is­tra­tions. Clients may call (415) 831‑6800 for a full refund of this credit. There will be no refunds or cred­its for with­drawals from trips or outings.


There will be a $12 refund pro­cess­ing fee for all pay­ments requested from account bal­ance cred­its. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for the pro­cess­ing of a refund check.

To withdraw from a course or to request a refund, please email or call Support Services at (415) 831-6800 during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm).

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